Reading Response for 10/3

Keeping track of copyright issues is something that has definitely gotten harder since the existence of the internet. Everything can be scanned, texted, emailed, or downloaded. It is difficult to ensure that people aren’t using material illegally. Where the line becomes blurred is “robbing an artist of profit.” When things like mix tapes come out, music that is released for free, it is not considered a copyright issue because the artists aren’t getting any money.

I agree that “taking something of value” from a person is wrong, but I don’t think people should be allowed to ban others from using they work. They were inspired by the world, why not let the world be inspired by them? Of course, it only makes sense that they receive a payment for their work, but how can they keep the use of their intellectual property from everyone?

I know I am a copyright criminal because I download things from the internet; music, movies, tv shows, text books. It is hard not to when you live in a time when things can be accessed so easily. Anything I want can be found with just a few keystrokes. With the advancing technology, and now things like 3D printers, copyright laws are going to have to change, or at least the way copyright laws are monitored. They need to become more lenient on copyright criminals or enforce the rules more than they do, right now it is just an area of grey.


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