Blog Post 10/14

I really relate to this video because I am a DJ and I do turn table mixing. In the world of music, sampling is such a grey area. My generation has grown up with being able to grab sounds off of the internet and use them with no serious repercussions. Its older generations that are not fond of sampling for the most part. They went into the studio and recorded those sounds from real instruments and look down on sampling as something as lazy, yet I think there is something beautiful in creating art from art. If they were inspired by the world then they should let the world be inspired by them.

I am not advocating for free sampling, but many artists complain about how they are held up for weeks, even months, trying to get samples cleared. If the artists is willing to offer a percentage of their profits for the sampled beat, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be able to use it. Not offering that as an option shows a very selfish artist in my opinion. Theres no sound that hasn’t been made before and no melodic tune that someone somewhere hasn’t played before. Its impossible and implausible to regulate the using of these samples, because everything would constitute as a sample. The laws have to change in order to help the new artists create work without being sued from more predominate artists.


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