Distant Witness

Andy Carvin uses his social media, specifically twitter, to send instant updates of what he thinks is going on during Arab Springs. The interesting thing about this is Carvin was allowed to connect with people in the Arab Springs to shape his views. Twitter has made it possible for people over seas to post videos and use hashtags of these riots without being censored. Once these videos reach the web people like Andy can just press the retweet button and boom, all of his followers are now seeing something that happening a whole world away. This is one way that social media and videos have helped the world.

Adding videos to journalism was up until recently uncharted territory. We now have vlogs, video blogs, on youtube for just about anything; make up, music recording, underwater basket weaving. Video blogs have prevailed for the same reason tv have, being able to see someone is a lot easier than reading. I would rather watch a news report than read it. I would rather listen to directions than read them. There are whole apps, Vine, dedicated to posting videos. The only way to get closer to the action would be being at the event. Having videos makes the user feel closer to the action, whatever is happening and allows for a type of connection between the audience and star. I think video is going to become more prevalent as the time goes on, maybe figure out a way to have 3D images come out of the screen to engage the viewers even more.


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