Blog for 11/17

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It’s hard to write about an event, when you’re not allowed to see whats going on. That’s exactly what is happening at Mizzou University. Students of color at the University know that their stories haven’t been care about for the past few years, and now they are protesting they are saying no to letting the media in. They don’t think it’s right to allow the media to pick and choose what events are important enough to be broadcasted, and I don’t blame them. Media has neglected the horrendous things that have been happening to students/people of color all over the United States, and have instead chose to focus their attention on the Kardashians. These students needed a safe place on campus, and that includes being away from the media. Of course, because of social media the news of protests has spread like wildfire, but there haven’t been videos of the inside. It’s more videos of interviewers fighting with protesters. It’s been about keeping the silence that has been there for so many years.


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